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A fabulous family resort!

The whole idea of the fabulous family facility Pippi's Summer Hotel has been developed by Rein Soowik. In 2012 the name changed from Pippis Summer Hotel to Smålandsbyn.

Rein Soowik is the same man who took the initiative and got Astrid Lindgren's confidence to start and build up the Astrid Lindgren's World in Vimmerby. A work that he and his colleagues ran for 10 years until 1990 when the park was sold.

astrid rein

Astrid Lindgren and the founder of Astrid Lindgren´s World and Smålandsbyn, Rein Soowik.

In 1996 the transformation began...
Villa Gulekul and Emils house are approximateley 200 years old.

Storholmen 1996

Originally, the house was called "Storholmen". (1996)



Villa Gulekul (2016)

Drängstugan 1996

The "Drängstugan" (worker´s cottage) in 1996


emilshus katthult2016

Emils house (2016)

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